Category: writeups

  • Useful resources for developers interested in solar

    A friend of mine, Carlton Gibson recently asked me for some links, people to follow, and leads in general to look up for a developers taking a new interest in solar technology. @mrchrisadams hiya — happy new year! Can I ask, if I asked if you had any good leads on accounts/blogs to follow on […]

  • Creating norms in tech, and the climate crisis

    I recently started working to help get a document together to help set some norms in the tech community (such that there is one) about our actions in relation to the climate crisis. So far, it’s been referred to as a climate code of conduct, and there was some push back about using the term […]

  • Writing up IotMark, part 2 of 2

    I said on twitter that I’d do a write up of the Friday IoTMark workshop last week: I feel like IoT is a huge blindspot for me right now in my professional knowledge, so I'm going along to #iotmark in Berlin today to help address it. Fave this tweet to peer pressure me into doing […]

  • My first experience with Liberating Structures Labs

    More and more these days, I’m seem to earn my crust helping people talk about technology, and their strategy around using it in an organisation, rather than writing code myself. Just like you have tech meetups to find out about out shiny new frameworks and software, you get meetups for where you can find out […]