Gift list

Stuff I would love:

Stuff I can eat

Mr Vikki’s chillis are always a safe bet, in particular, Banana habanero, King naga, Tamarind Chipotle Chutney, and Brinjal Pickle. These are hard to get in Germany, and they make fried eggs incredible.

Stuff I can read

This scientific illustrations book – Building Science Graphics.

a practical guide for anyone—regardless of previous design experience and preferred drawing tools—interested in creating scientific illustrated explanatory diagrams. Starting with a clear introduction to the concept of information graphics and their role in contemporary science communication, it then outlines a process for creating graphics using evidence-based design strategies. The heart of the book is composed of two step-by-step graphical worksheets, designed to help jump-start any new project. This is both a textbook and a practical reference for anyone that needs to convey scientific information in an illustrated form for articles, poster presentations, slide shows, press releases, blog posts, social media posts, and beyond.

Wizard Zines – see the online store

of this bite size pack looks the most relevant to me

Stuff I can wear

Stuff to make me more likely to run to stay fit or dance to stay fit and enjoy myself, or skate to stay fit and develop new skills.