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  • Useful resources for developers interested in solar

    A friend of mine, Carlton Gibson recently asked me for some links, people to follow, and leads in general to look up for a developers taking a new interest in solar technology. @mrchrisadams hiya — happy new year! Can I ask, if I asked if you had any good leads on accounts/blogs to follow on […]

  • Useful context for hydrogen economy convos – a recent keynote by Michael Liebreich on hydrogen

    This talk, by Michael liebriech communicates a massive amount of useful knowledge in 20 mins, and crucially provides useful context for assessing claims of hydrogen being a silver bullet in loads of sectors. Michael liebreich‘s keynote speech at the world hydrogen congress 2022 Things I learned Jacob Reese Mogg most had literally called hydrogen a […]

  • How much of our internet infrastructure will be underwater in 15 years?

    I follow Alexandra Dechamps Sonsino on twitter, and I learn a colossal amount from what she share, but some recent links she shared really got me thinking. I’ve written previously about how tech and the internet plays havoc with our climate because it relies on fossil fuels. It looks like the climate is wreaking havoc […]

  • Creating norms in tech, and the climate crisis

    I recently started working to help get a document together to help set some norms in the tech community (such that there is one) about our actions in relation to the climate crisis. So far, it’s been referred to as a climate code of conduct, and there was some push back about using the term […]

  • Powering small to medium size tech companies on renewable power

    I’ve been thinking about the steps you can take to green the tech sector, and the more I think about it, the more I think the biggest step for most web/SaaS companies, is likely to be how they power their infrastructure, if it isn’t related to employee transport. This is confirmed somewhat by the CSR […]

  • Losing earth and capitalism and the NY times

    I’ve just finished reading this gargantuan piece from the NY Times, Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change, which tells the story in the late 80’s of how we almost ended up with meaningful, binding agreements globally to reduce CO2 emissions, when doing so would have drastically reduced the cost of dealing with […]