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  • Trying an idea – OMGDPR, a GPDR-themed event in Berlin

    I’ve been following the passage of GDPR from ideas to law over the last couple of years, and I’m convinced its effects will be far reaching, and extremely disruptive to the industry I work in, but also any industry that collects and processes data around customers. I started chatting with a friend Maik, and we’re […]

  • So, we ended up at a democracy themed hackday thing

    Earlier in August I wrote a post about the BPB, a German institute focussed on promoting democracy, and¬†WhoTargetsMe, a project to bring more transparency to election campaign advertising on Facebook.¬†After sharing the post online, I had a few people contact me about forming a group to work at an Democracy is Everything, a hackathon at […]

  • Coming across the Pacman rule

    I’ve been running events and meetups since around 2010, but I haven’t come across the ‘Pacman rule’ before, as blogged by Eric Holscher. It’s a simple rule to follow, to make it easier for new people to join groups, and generally help make events feel nicer for first timers: The rule is quite simply stated: […]