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  • Writing up IotMark, part 2 of 2

    I said on twitter that I’d do a write up of the Friday IoTMark workshop last week: I feel like IoT is a huge blindspot for me right now in my professional knowledge, so I'm going along to #iotmark in Berlin today to help address it. Fave this tweet to peer pressure me into doing […]

  • Writing up IoTmark – 1 of 2

    I went to last Friday’s IoTMark follow-up event from last summer’s Open IoT Definition, partly because I figured I’d learn a lot, also because whether I like it or not, the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) is something I feel I should have a handle on as someone working in tech. I feel […]

  • On fairphone, and sustainable electronics

    I’ve been a Fairphone user since 2013, when the first phone came out, and I’ve been a user of the FP2, the first phone the company designed fully themselves. In this post, I explain the process of updating it to extend its life, compared with buying a new one, and how hard doing sustainable electronics […]