Tag: python

  • TIL: Gunicorn settings you will actually use

    I’ve recently been doing a bit of work setting up Django applications to work with Gunicorn and Caddy of late, and I’ve settled on these settings for now, as the ones I wish I had at my fingertips when working with Gunicorn to serve python apps. Read on for a sample config with explanations of […]

  • Debugging in python with pdb and dropping into a ‘proper’ session

    If you code in python, there’s a reasonably high chance you’ve heard of dropping into a debugger with something like pdb, or if you prefer ipython, ipdb. It’s a really, really handy skill, and if you haven’t done this before, this 40 minute video gives a good overview of how it can help you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnlZGhnULn4 […]

  • Handy snippets – Python without the .pyc cruft

    I maintain a huge workflowy file of snippets and tricks and, I suspect some of them will be handy for others to use too. I’m going to sharing them regularly, when I’m not sure what to write, mainly to keep the habit of blogging, until it comes naturally. Part of my professional life, involves me […]