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  • TIL: Gunicorn settings you will actually use

    I’ve recently been doing a bit of work setting up Django applications to work with Gunicorn and Caddy of late, and I’ve settled on these settings for now, as the ones I wish I had at my fingertips when working with Gunicorn to serve python apps. Read on for a sample config with explanations of […]

  • Dear Developer, go read “Dear Developer”

    I’ve just finished reading through Charlie Owen’s converted-webpage-from-a-talk thing, Dear Developer. It’s funny, friendly and really captures the wonder of the web as a medium to work with. Without picking fights, it steers developers away from a lot of bad practices, and towards ones which are more empathetic, resilient and performant. In this post I […]

  • Recap – storing state in a browser for users

    I’ve been working on some static sites recently, and I needed to show some content to someone, but allow it to be dismissed easily, and then stay dismissed. This is much a note to future me as anyone else, but hopefully it’ll be helpful to some other soul on the net. Doing this with frameworks […]