Starting over

I’ve taken a bit of time over the May Day bank holiday to try sorting out my personal presence online. This post outlines what to expect here, as I start writing online again.

I’ve been blogging personally since 2002, and I started blogging professionally in 2006, in my first full time job working as web designer for the University of Westminster, where I ended up publicly blogging the process for getting a redesign for the university website together[1].

However, this content is strewn about the place, and link rot sets in on the web, so the aim of this blog is collate this information, so I can link to it, and have a consistent place to write my reckons, and share things I learn, on a online platform I have a degree of control over, that also provides a decent experience for writing, and I don’t have to think about keeping backed up.

As such, over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be backfilling this blog with content I’ve written on other sites, that I think is worth publishing.

I now know better than to make any commitments about regularity of writing but if I get two pieces out the door each month, I’ll be happy.

Off we go again!