Super hand tip – search your own tabs in Firefox

If you’re like me. You have too many tabs open. So many in fact that you might open the same tab multiple times because you forgot when you last opened it.

Firefox tab search is your friend

When using Firefox, there’s a hidden feature which I only found out about last week. You can restrict to search to your own open tabs. This avoids you opening the same site multiple times because

Try hitting cmd+L (or ctrl l on linux, I guess) as usual, to start entering a new url to visit.

But first add a percent symbol, add a space then start typing. Firefox will show a list open  tabs that match the text you’re typing:

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 21.36.30

Not bad eh?

One day every browser will have this.

Till then, it’s nice that firefox is free.

Update: it turns out there are even more nice things here. It turns out that there are a whole raft of different searches you can carry out with the mozilla awesome bar thing, to only search your favourites, only in your browsing history and so on. I found this out from Antony Ricaud’s tweet below after Simon picked up on my own tweet when I discovered this nifty little feature.