Quick notes from the UX Book Club Berlin

o, I’ve just come back home from the most recent UX Book Blub Berlin, where we discussed Doorbells, Danger, and Dead Batteries” by Steve Portigal. I got a lot out of the evening, and agreed to share a few links to thing we discussed, but meetup.com doesn’t let you share comments over a certain length, so I’m posting it here instead.


The first is the online ResearchOps Community (well, slack channel mainly), that Kat, Anja and I are in – it’s online, at:


Kat and I are also organising a workshop on June 22nd, which you can learn more about at the link below:

Here’s the link to where you can sign up

Field Study Handbook


I think it was Franco who also mentioned the field study handbook – a colossal tome that’s considered the final word in immersive research.

It’s what I’d read up on if I ended up doing more of this kind of research. It also carries a formidable price tag of one hundred and twenty five bucks.

More here – https://www.thefieldstudyhandbook.com/

Testessen and speed dating for testing products

I think it was Steve who mentioned Test Essen, a sort of speed dating / user testing event to get quick feedback on products and prototypes. I hadn’t heard of it before. See more below:


Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 23.52.25.png



OMGDPR and research

Finally, I briefly mentioned an unconference called OMGDPR that took place few weeks back.

If there’s interest, I’d be up for organising a small event to chat to other researchers, to get a better idea of how it’s affecting their processes, as:

  1. the law is new
  2. it’s effects are far reaching
  3. there are all kinds of question I have about how it affects how we do research, and I figure it might be useful exploring them with others

Anyway, catch y’all at the next Book club!