Are there open sourced sustainable travel policies online?

I just shared this on LinkedIn, and it seems worth sharing somewhere on a domain I control too, as I’ve had a number of people ask about this over the last few weeks:

Hello there, professional acquaintances on linkedin. Are any of you folks aware of openly published, sustainability polices, or policies around travel for staff in your, or other organisations?

I’ve had a few people ask me, and I tend to work in smaller companies where it’s never been explicitly written down that we try to take surface transport where possible, and if there is travel by plain it must at least be offset, and attempts made in future to minimise it – it’s just been an unspoken norm.

But I know these kinds of policies exist.

Are these *really* considered a source of competitive advantage, such that they would be not be shared openly?

If you’d see one, please drop a comment below, or please get in touch – I know a number of companies where employees are looking for one, and it seems worthwhile thing to have.

I know some people are working on this as a result of the OMG CLIMATE unconference in Berlin, and you can see some notes in this gallery.