Notes from the Future Ethics at UX Book club

I went to the first UX Book Club Berlin in a while last night, and it covered Cennyd Bowles’ book from 2018, Future Ethics.

Below are my notes. Apologies for the quality.

A set of notes for future reference

Peter’s Bihr’s writing is accessible and really interesting in this field. This whose work I referred to when talking about category errors in technology we use to fund digital products:

People doing interesting work in this field

Projects By IF – a UK technology studio, specialising in ethical and practical uses of data They blog openly, and maintain a pattern library for thinking through interactions in a more privacy friendly way:

Simply Secure
The closest thing to “Projects by” If in Berlin

SDFY – Stop design for yesteryear
They’re more focussed on climate, but the way they approach the issue from the setting of a brief, all through through to delivery is worth a look

DotEveryone – a think tank designing tools, and doing research for more responsible tech

Consequence scanning is likely the easiest event to fit into an agile development process. It’s well documented and easy to start.

The doteveryone tech workers’ view report
Required reading for attitudes amongst employees about responsible technology, and the impact it has on among other things employee retainment, and attitudes to coming regulation.

OMGDPR – I helped organise an unconference in Berlin in 2018- to create space to discuss the stuff

Creative and Climate
A normative campaign about creative agencies working with high carbon industries. If they can’t divest from working with these companies yet, they can at least disclose the work to create implicit pressure to stop working in these fields.