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  • Useful context for hydrogen economy convos – a recent keynote by Michael Liebreich on hydrogen

    This talk, by Michael liebriech communicates a massive amount of useful knowledge in 20 mins, and crucially provides useful context for assessing claims of hydrogen being a silver bullet in loads of sectors. Michael liebreich‘s keynote speech at the world hydrogen congress 2022 Things I learned Jacob Reese Mogg most had literally called hydrogen a […]

  • Outcomes, goals, objectives

    This diagram from Jamie Arnold turned up in my timeline yesterday, and it I liked it so much, that seemed worth a quick write up: I think a nice way to frame it: A Goal in this case is broad direction you’re heading in. Head in this direction! An Outcome is the benefit from achieving […]

  • The pleasing mapping between Sam Ladners three states and Myddletons’ three types of research

    I’m trying to use this blog more, and really on twitter less as an outboard brain. So over the next week or so, I’ll experiment with blogging stuff I’d typically tweet, then link to it. I came across a nice mapping between two people I find interested and the mental models they present for thinking […]

  • Amazon and passwordless login UX

    I signed into the German Amazon Retail site, today, and I saw a new sign-in flow. Being a UX nerd, I took photos and immediately took to twitter. Here’s what I saw. Look! Only one thing being requested! The first change is that like Google, and Eventbrite, they only ask for one thing per page […]

  • Visualising the wiki holes you fall down with Pilgrim

    I just came across Pilgrim, an interesting web thing that converts pages inrto a more readable, ad-free version of their form self, but also visualises the links you click to get an map out where you end up going as you look through it. I’m finding these tools, and ones like hypothesis, and Pockets’ recent […]