Useful context for hydrogen economy convos – a recent keynote by Michael Liebreich on hydrogen

This talk, by Michael liebriech communicates a massive amount of useful knowledge in 20 mins, and crucially provides useful context for assessing claims of hydrogen being a silver bullet in loads of sectors.

Michael liebreich‘s keynote speech at the world hydrogen congress 2022

Things I learned

Jacob Reese Mogg most had literally called hydrogen a silver bullet, which explains the UK’s bizarre hydrogen strategy decisions over the last few years

Even other energy carriers based around green hydrogen for planes have terrible volumetric density compared to kerosene or other sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). The implication is that without dramatically different designs, and a massively expensive cash for clunkers deal for planes, SAF is then likely option for aviation in then coming years.

The energy requirements for industry are eye watering with hydrogen if you want to use it to clean up things like steel making. The German example of 60% of all electricity used to generate the required hydrogen blew my mind.

TBH I didn’t know politicians could even get away with using terms like silver bullet any more – over then last few decades it’s become really, really clear that when it comes to climate, there are no silver bullets l but there is silver buckshot.

Anyway. Worth a watch,