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  • Book review: Time is Money – The business Value of Web Performance

    Since discovering how significant the  energy impact of moving data over networks is for the Planet Friendly Web Guide, I’ve found myself reading more and more about web performance optimisation (WPO). Last week I ordered Tammy Evert’s book, Time is Money – the Business Value of Web Performance. It arrived on Saturday morning, and I […]

  • Sporadic video recommendation # 3 – Yulia Startsev, on side effects, promise and generators in javascript

    I’ve been trying to get back up to speed again with javascript recently, and with all the new features being added each year, I’m starting to like it much more than I did before. Try as I might, though I hadn’t really got my head around how to use generators, or when they might be […]

  • This is not news but Mozilla’s Developer Docs site is fantastic

    I recently was trying to debug why some snazzy passwordless sign-in flow wasn’t working on Firefox for me, when it worked just fine on Chrome, and investigation lead to me reading up on CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing), a way to share access to resources (like images, js files and so on) across domains. I’m […]

  • Does peer to peer matched funding exist online?

    I met a guy a few years back, Premasagar Rose. We got on well, and we had a lot of similar interests, but I didn’t know he had left the UK for Portugal until I saw a tweet along these lines: My friends, I need help to spread — We're crowdfunding to rebuild homes after […]

  • An update on election Hackday and the goals of

    Earlier in August, I went to a hack day with a few friends to work on WhoTargetsMe, a project started by some people in London. We ended up working on the project because we felt that platforms like Facebook had emerged, that were were powerful in the same way that you might consider TV and […]

  • On fairphone, and sustainable electronics

    I’ve been a Fairphone user since 2013, when the first phone came out, and I’ve been a user of the FP2, the first phone the company designed fully themselves. In this post, I explain the process of updating it to extend its life, compared with buying a new one, and how hard doing sustainable electronics […]

  • Trying out a vision statement for the Planet Friendly Web Guide

    As I mentioned before, I’m part of the Mozilla Open Leadership programme as a Open Project Lead. In this blog, I’ll write a bit getting the vision statement together, and the thinking behind it. First, here’s the statement as of 13th September The Planet Friendly Web Guide: I’m working with web professionals, campaigners, and academics, […]

  • Joining the Mozilla Open Leadership programme

    A few weeks back, after I applied to run a session at Mozfest in 2017, the Mozilla Open leadership team sent an email inviting me to apply for the Mozilla Open Leaders programme. It seemed a good way to force me to get my I applied, and was accepted. Last night was the initial remote […]

  • So, we ended up at a democracy themed hackday thing

    Earlier in August I wrote a post about the BPB, a German institute focussed on promoting democracy, and WhoTargetsMe, a project to bring more transparency to election campaign advertising on Facebook. After sharing the post online, I had a few people contact me about forming a group to work at an Democracy is Everything, a hackathon at […]

  • Notes as I learn more about the German political scene

    Last week, I wrote a post about the BPB and WhoTargetsme, and since writing that, I’ve been lucky to enough to have a few very nice volunteers help make up a team of illustrators, data scientists and talented technical types) with me to go to this German Election themed hackday this Friday. In this post […]