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  • Please help me name this product triangle thing

    I’ve worked as a developer, a sysadmin, a user researcher, a product manager, and UX’er, with different teams, and I’d like to share an idea here I want to be able to present visually, as a way to identify common patterns of behaviour that make products less successful. This is a work in progress, and […]

  • Writing up IotMark, part 2 of 2

    I said on twitter that I’d do a write up of the Friday IoTMark workshop last week: I feel like IoT is a huge blindspot for me right now in my professional knowledge, so I'm going along to #iotmark in Berlin today to help address it. Fave this tweet to peer pressure me into doing […]

  • Writing up IoTmark – 1 of 2

    I went to last Friday’s IoTMark follow-up event from last summer’s Open IoT Definition, partly because I figured I’d learn a lot, also because whether I like it or not, the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) is something I feel I should have a handle on as someone working in tech. I feel […]

  • An update on OMGDPR – explaining the format

    So, a little under two weeks ago, I wrote a bit about OMGDPR, a hypothetical  community-run, open space event where practitioners who build digital products or services, can meet to learn from each other how they’re responding to what amount to  seismic changes in privacy law. Me and Maik have been chatting to various organisation […]

  • Sustainability of the web vs through the web

    I referred to this a Sustainability of the web, in a recent blog post about a recorded talk I did about Planet friendly Web development, and halfway through explaining the term I realised it was better expanding on the difference between Sustainability of the web, vs sustainability through the web in a separate post. I […]

  • Explaining a planet friendly web in 10 minutes

    Over the last year or so, I’ve been doing variations for an idea I’m calling Planet Friendly Web, and after bumping into Paul Johnston at Monkigras earlier this year, then Jeffconf, we got chatting about a meetup for CTOs interested doing something about climate change. I couldn’t be there physically, but I did get a […]

  • Notes on #NoEstimates in Berlin

    Last night I went to see Vasco Duarte, from Oikosofy deliver a talk on project management, with provocative title NoEstimates – an unconventional approach for the “deliver on time” problem. After getting home, I put together this thread of the most interesting idea in the talk for me. There was enough interest to justify me […]

  • How much CO2 does an office worker generate per year?

    I just posted this to friends on Facebook, and it seems a good idea to share it here too, to help with my search: Hello internet friends. Would a kind soul be able to help me out here? I’m doing a recorded 20 minute talk in Feb about the environmental impact of building digital products […]

  • Recap – storing state in a browser for users

    I’ve been working on some static sites recently, and I needed to show some content to someone, but allow it to be dismissed easily, and then stay dismissed. This is much a note to future me as anyone else, but hopefully it’ll be helpful to some other soul on the net. Doing this with frameworks […]

  • Super hand tip – search your own tabs in Firefox

    If you’re like me. You have too many tabs open. So many in fact that you might open the same tab multiple times because you forgot when you last opened it. Firefox tab search is your friend When using Firefox, there’s a hidden feature which I only found out about last week. You can restrict […]