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  • How much of our internet infrastructure will be underwater in 15 years?

    I follow Alexandra Dechamps Sonsino on twitter, and I learn a colossal amount from what she share, but some recent links she shared really got me thinking. I’ve written previously about how tech and the internet plays havoc with our climate because it relies on fossil fuels. It looks like the climate is wreaking havoc […]

  • Is data about renewable credits openly licensed and available?

    I’m hoping someone in my network might have some domain expertise in an area I don’t know too much about, so I’m posting this here, to make it easy to share. As I understand it, to sell renewable energy in many countries, you generally need need to inform the regulator in your country about the […]

  • Powering small to medium size tech companies on renewable power

    I’ve been thinking about the steps you can take to green the tech sector, and the more I think about it, the more I think the biggest step for most web/SaaS companies, is likely to be how they power their infrastructure, if it isn’t related to employee transport. This is confirmed somewhat by the CSR […]

  • Computing, Climate change and all your relationships

    Generally speaking, it’s a small, but growing group of folk who seem to interested in the intersection between climate change and tech. Earlier in May, I came across Nabil Hussein‘s talk, Computing, Climate Change and All Your Relationships, and boy is it a breath of fresh air – climate change for me is a very […]

  • How much CO2 can you save when you remove ad-tracking from news sites?

    Now that GPDR has landed, we’re seeing companies serving EU specific versions of their site to EU users, which in some cases, serve a user experience which is cleaner, simpler and faster loading. Some are much smaller over the wire too. So, because moving data uses servers,and those servers use electricity, and that electricity usually […]

  • My talk about a planet friendly web at DataNatives in Berlin last night

    So, last night, I did a talk at Big Data Berlin, with the shockingly linkbaity title of Green Clouds in a world of Blockchains and AI. Rather impressively the video is online already – and you can see it start at 37:01 in the video linked below: The talk The talk is online on […]

  • How much of the web runs on renewables today?

    As part of the work I’m doing on the Planet Friendly Web, I’m trying to get access to data that I can base the guide on. In some cases this involves creating datasets from existing data. Here I share some findings from a dataset I generated along the way. For example, to get a figure […]

  • I’m hosting the Mozilla Global Sprints in Berlin in May – come along!

    I’m helping host the Berlin Mozilla Global Sprint next week – it’s a two day event, set aside to create the space to make it easy to volunteer on existing open source projects, aligned with the key Mozilla’s key Internet Health issues, outlined in their recently published Internet Health Report. More specifically, these issues, taken […]

  • How much CO2 does an office worker generate per year?

    I just posted this to friends on Facebook, and it seems a good idea to share it here too, to help with my search: Hello internet friends. Would a kind soul be able to help me out here? I’m doing a recorded 20 minute talk in Feb about the environmental impact of building digital products […]

  • Trying out a vision statement for the Planet Friendly Web Guide

    As I mentioned before, I’m part of the Mozilla Open Leadership programme as a Open Project Lead. In this blog, I’ll write a bit getting the vision statement together, and the thinking behind it. First, here’s the statement as of 13th September The Planet Friendly Web Guide: I’m working with web professionals, campaigners, and academics, […]