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  • How to forward requests with proxy_pass in nginx

    I’ve been doing some work of late with The Green Web Foundation, and recently we moved from using Gearman as a queue, to RabbitMQ instead. RabbitMQ has a management UI that makes it easier to tell what it’s doing, and it also exposes this information at a specific port, (lets say 12345) in the form […]

  • Fellowship-it: an idea to get over the last hurdle when applying for funding

    I keep planning to apply for the Shuttleworth fellowship, and failing to apply, because I’m not happy with my final application, so I want to try a weird trick that might help. It might help you too. My experience I tried earlier this year, at the last minute, I flaked out, because, after spending hours […]

  • How much of our internet infrastructure will be underwater in 15 years?

    I follow Alexandra Dechamps Sonsino on twitter, and I learn a colossal amount from what she share, but some recent links she shared really got me thinking. I’ve written previously about how tech and the internet plays havoc with our climate because it relies on fossil fuels. It looks like the climate is wreaking havoc […]

  • Notes as I learn about tuning MySQL

    I’ve been doing some work with MySQL again with the Green Web Foundation. This has involved working with relatively large sets of data, so to make some queries run faster, I’ve found myself looking at the settings it uses by default, and having to understand what queries are doing under the hood. These are some […]

  • Creating norms in tech, and the climate crisis

    I recently started working to help get a document together to help set some norms in the tech community (such that there is one) about our actions in relation to the climate crisis. So far, it’s been referred to as a climate code of conduct, and there was some push back about using the term […]

  • Are there open sourced sustainable travel policies online?

    I just shared this on LinkedIn, and it seems worth sharing somewhere on a domain I control too, as I’ve had a number of people ask about this over the last few weeks: Hello there, professional acquaintances on linkedin. Are any of you folks aware of openly published, sustainability polices, or policies around travel for […]

  • Chatting about sustainable web on the W3C sustainable web list

    I recently had the chance to talk about building a more sustainable web at JSConfEU, and one nice thing about the conf was that lots of useful people to speak to were in one place, but also I learned something about making it easier for larger orgs to get onboard in discussions. I’ll share it […]

  • Things you could ask if meeting policy makers, if you wanted a greener internet

    Use the policy already there In the UK at least, recognise there is already policy here, and make sure it’s followed. DEFRA a UK, government department has outlined this below. Lots of it is very sensible, and with seems like a fairly uncontroversial goal: A resilient digital and technology ecosystem, fully utilised by digital citizens, […]

  • Trying out an indieweb RSVP

    I’ve registered for this IndieWeb Berlin event this weekend, because a) I’m honestly curious what conversations people are having, b) it seems a good place to learn how they get consensus on the various standards they’re adopting as an alternative to using a centralised service – something I’m thinking a lot about in my current […]

  • Week notes #5

    Yes, there is a missing week. I totally fell off the wagon last weekend, and it felt extremely dishonest to retroactively add a weeknotes #4 in. So, what’s been keeping me busy? More investigation into definitions of green power for the green project Open sourcing code is one thing. It’s possible to read licences, and […]