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  • Thinking through a follow up to OMGDPR, but for climate

    Last year, I worked with a few friends to organise an unconference in Berlin, called OMGDPR. It was mainly a response to seeing at what, at the time, seemed like an event that was landing on a very specific day, with poorly understood but extremely far reaching consequences. And at the same time, it seemd […]

  • Weeknotes #3 – a minor breakthrough

    This week has been a bit of a split week, with about half of it in the Netherlands, and half in Germany. It’s felt good though, and towards the end of the day on Sunday, I’m feeling like I’ve at had a chance to recharge batteries after running them down through the week. Morning workshop […]

  • Weeknotes #2 – a return to health

    Right. I don’t have long for this weeknote, but I’m determined to get them out on a regular for at least a month. This one will be short. So what are the key things I’ve been up to? Making decent progress on the green data project So, I’m one week into the environmental open data […]

  • A quick summary of my understanding of software licensing and IP, when it comes to building digital products

    If you want to build an open source product or service, or indeed open source an existing product, it’s worth being aware of the key licenses, and in general what they do. In this post, I share how I see them. Before we go further – I’m not a lawyer. This is my rough understanding, […]

  • Trying it one more time – weeknotes #1

    I’ve had a few failed attempts at weeknotes, but with an exciting new gig starting, which marks a significant milestone in my career, I figured I might try picking it up again. How do you do weeknotes properly? As far as I can tell, there’s no magic formula to writing them, and it’s natural for […]

  • Wonkery on aviation and the frequent flyer levy

    I’m dashing out this post out now, mainly so I can come back to it later, and share this with others and build on it. It might suck. Sorry ’bout that. Over the Christmas holidays I read a couple of reports from – one was about Electric Aviation, and here’s the TLDR thread on […]

  • 2018 in Review

    I’ve always meant to do year reviews, but most of the time, I felt so unhappy with what I’ve achieved in the year, that I’ve almost never had the energy to take it out the drafts folder in whatever blogging tool I’m using that year. Doing this is scary, but I’m hoping the public aspect […]

  • Looking for info on carbon emissions by activity

    Hello internet – I’m doing one of those requests  for help again. I pasted this to Facebook friends recently, but it seems worth putting here on my blog as well: Okay facebook friends, I need your help. Y’know how companies and orgs have CSR reports where they list their sources of emissions, and roughly what […]

  • Looking for playtesters for “Beyond Climate Wedges” a educational game about climate change policy

    (Update – we’re running this on Wednesday 6.30, on 14th Nov at Factory Mitte, as it’s reasonably central, and getting a room didn’t cost anything. Please get in touch if you’d like to come along) It’s easy to find the sheer scale of the changes ahead of us daunting if we want to avoid the […]

  • A question about using docker to make contributing to OSS projects easier

    I started writing this in a IRC channel earlier today, but I figured it might be useful share the question and the answer here, to capture it for others. Yes it is a bit lazyweb, but I can’t be the only one doing this, and I’ll share the answer here: I’m working on a django […]