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  • Creating norms in tech, and the climate crisis

    I recently started working to help get a document together to help set some norms in the tech community (such that there is one) about our actions in relation to the climate crisis. So far, it’s been referred to as a climate code of conduct, and there was some push back about using the term […]

  • Trying a test run of a sustainable product design workshop on Nov 29th in Berlin

    I work as a freelance developer / user researcher / product person, and later in December, I’m teaming up with Dr Isabel Ordóñez to run a workshop, Designing Out Waste at ThingsCon in Rotterdam. We’re doing a test run first in Berlin, so if you’re in Berlin and you work on building physical products (and ideally, […]

  • I’m hosting the Mozilla Global Sprints in Berlin in May – come along!

    I’m helping host the Berlin Mozilla Global Sprint next week – it’s a two day event, set aside to create the space to make it easy to volunteer on existing open source projects, aligned with the key Mozilla’s key Internet Health issues, outlined in their recently published Internet Health Report. More specifically, these issues, taken […]

  • OMGDPR is live – ZOMG

    I’ve written previously about GDPR, thinking out loud about running an event called OMGDPR – a community run, unconference to explore the changes to the industry it’ll bring about. In this post, I introduce the event publicly and explain why I think it’s important. The background – what’s GDPR? GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation […]

  • How to start out with user research on a product, when you don’t have much buy-in yet

    I recently had a friend ask me about how you would fit user research into your product development process, when: you already have a product released to users and there’s no structured plan for doing user research, nor previous experience with in-house researchers The first thing I did was invite her to the #researchOps workspace […]

  • Please help me name this product triangle thing

    I’ve worked as a developer, a sysadmin, a user researcher, a product manager, and UX’er, with different teams, and I’d like to share an idea here I want to be able to present visually, as a way to identify common patterns of behaviour that make products less successful. This is a work in progress, and […]

  • Writing up IoTmark – 1 of 2

    I went to last Friday’s IoTMark follow-up event from last summer’s Open IoT Definition, partly because I figured I’d learn a lot, also because whether I like it or not, the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) is something I feel I should have a handle on as someone working in tech. I feel […]

  • An update on OMGDPR – explaining the format

    So, a little under two weeks ago, I wrote a bit about OMGDPR, a hypothetical  community-run, open space event where practitioners who build digital products or services, can meet to learn from each other how they’re responding to what amount to  seismic changes in privacy law. Me and Maik have been chatting to various organisation […]

  • Trying an idea – OMGDPR, a GPDR-themed event in Berlin

    I’ve been following the passage of GDPR from ideas to law over the last couple of years, and I’m convinced its effects will be far reaching, and extremely disruptive to the industry I work in, but also any industry that collects and processes data around customers. I started chatting with a friend Maik, and we’re […]