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  • Quick notes from the UX Book Club Berlin

    o, I’ve just come back home from the most recent UX Book Blub Berlin, where we discussed Doorbells, Danger, and Dead Batteries” by Steve Portigal. I got a lot out of the evening, and agreed to share a few links to thing we discussed, but doesn’t let you share comments over a certain length, […]

  • How much CO2 can you save when you remove ad-tracking from news sites?

    Now that GPDR has landed, we’re seeing companies serving EU specific versions of their site to EU users, which in some cases, serve a user experience which is cleaner, simpler and faster loading. Some are much smaller over the wire too. So, because moving data uses servers,and those servers use electricity, and that electricity usually […]

  • My talk about a planet friendly web at DataNatives in Berlin last night

    So, last night, I did a talk at Big Data Berlin, with the shockingly linkbaity title of Green Clouds in a world of Blockchains and AI. Rather impressively the video is online already – and you can see it start at 37:01 in the video linked below: The talk The talk is online on […]

  • How much of the web runs on renewables today?

    As part of the work I’m doing on the Planet Friendly Web, I’m trying to get access to data that I can base the guide on. In some cases this involves creating datasets from existing data. Here I share some findings from a dataset I generated along the way. For example, to get a figure […]

  • I’m hosting the Mozilla Global Sprints in Berlin in May – come along!

    I’m helping host the Berlin Mozilla Global Sprint next week – it’s a two day event, set aside to create the space to make it easy to volunteer on existing open source projects, aligned with the key Mozilla’s key Internet Health issues, outlined in their recently published Internet Health Report. More specifically, these issues, taken […]

  • ResearchOps in Berlin

    As a part of my continued strategy for working through my professional angst, about whether I’m a product person, a UX person, a developer, or whether it’s all about competencies rather than roles in cross functional teams, I’ve got into the ResearchOps/ReOps community in the last few weeks. If you’re thinking “What is this ResearchOps […]

  • Dear Developer, go read “Dear Developer”

    I’ve just finished reading through Charlie Owen’s converted-webpage-from-a-talk thing, Dear Developer. It’s funny, friendly and really captures the wonder of the web as a medium to work with. Without picking fights, it steers developers away from a lot of bad practices, and towards ones which are more empathetic, resilient and performant. In this post I […]

  • OMGDPR is live – ZOMG

    I’ve written previously about GDPR, thinking out loud about running an event called OMGDPR – a community run, unconference to explore the changes to the industry it’ll bring about. In this post, I introduce the event publicly and explain why I think it’s important. The background – what’s GDPR? GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation […]

  • Book review – My Product Management Toolkit

    I met Marc when we both worked at Headshift, back in 2010. He’s been a friend I’ve been in touch with the last 8 years or so, and when I heard he had been writing a book about Product Management, and was offering copies for feedback, I jumped at the chance. I started reading it […]

  • How to start out with user research on a product, when you don’t have much buy-in yet

    I recently had a friend ask me about how you would fit user research into your product development process, when: you already have a product released to users and there’s no structured plan for doing user research, nor previous experience with in-house researchers The first thing I did was invite her to the #researchOps workspace […]